Daniel Ramos, President

Tara C. Young, VP of Operations

Juan Ramos, Network and Security Specialist

Technical support team:

Team2In 1991, Mr. Ramos created Liberty Computing Center (LCC) and incorporated the same in 2005. Our services have been utilized by many for profit and non-profit organizations within the New York Metro area. Our strength comes from our team of leaders who are in the forefront of the rapidly changing technology industry. They are also experience in technical support, network engineering, security implementation, data processing, and project management. Since the early 90’s we have brought cutting edge technology solutions to businesses. We defined strategic computer networking and technology plans for our clients while implementing them with an efficient and cost effective manner. For over two decades, we worked closely with top executives and city personel in order to deliver timely implementation of new technology, computer networks, and premises security.

Contact us:

P: 718-788-1086

Liberty Computing Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 320
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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